We strongly believe in good karma, and we know that each good gesture gets rewarded in turn. We believe the same for you! That is why we are being pesky and asking for a donation of  whatever you can give, big or small! Just know that each donation goes towards helping make these desks. Believe in education! 

Please note: Demand for these desks has been huge! We will be doing all we can to get you your desk, and we are all working overtime to pump these out as fast as we can. Your donations are making this all possible, and we will keep building with the donations that have been and will be received. Thank you for your patience and your efforts and helping us get these out to those in need. Your hard work and donations will not go unnoticed by us, but please note that submitting a form does not guarantee you a desk. 

Check your email and follow us on social media for instructions on pick up! 

If you have any questions, email us at social@homewoodcreations.com