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Since 2016 

Building Leaders 

Quality and leadership go hand-in-hand at Homewood.

Being an employee here means being a leader, taking initiative and going about each and every day with an ownership mentality. Because of our lean manufacturing processes, Homewood employees can focus on what matters most: quality, accuracy & customer care. 

Daily Improvements to our practices   

Our processes get improved each day in our morning meetings, as we discuss as a team what can be done better, different, faster or with higher accuracy. Each employee makes improvements to his/her work zone every day. All of the improvements made align with lean thinking and techniques. Hence, why we can produce cabinets with 2 week lead times.

Continuous education is something that is rooted deep in Homewood's core values.

It is never enough to just show up to work and do what we do. Each employee here is dedicated to making him/herself a better leader by participating in daily safety & technical training, studying material by industry professionals, attending and learning from tours of other businesses, and much more. 

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