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Every single morning at Homewood, we have what is called a morning meeting. In this meeting we do the normal mundane things, we stretch, we talk shop, we make plans and most importantly, we talk about what we can be doing now to make the world and our business a better place. In lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were feeling a lot of different things, but the thing we were feeling the most, helplessness. As we put our brains together that morning, we knew we had to take some sort of action, we just didn't know what. A few short hours later, one of our owners called with an idea, "let's build these desks by the thousands and give them out for free!" I should also mention that this thought came to this owner whilst in a truck, in Wyoming. Well, all other tedious details and planning aside, we set out to do just what had been thought of, build thousands of desks for thousands of kids. I don't think if you ask any of us, we can really tell you how it all fit together, or how we even

managed to get as many desks out as we did. Logistically we had never done anything like this before, and we only had a crew of 12 men! We are happy to report that against all odds and fighting against the effects of COVID-19 on our economy and American citizens, we built and distributed just shy of 2,000 desks! That's a lot of overtime by our skeleton crew, that is a lot of donations and helping hands, to us, that is just a miracle! And although we are glad it is over, we will always look back with a good feeling in our hearts, knowing we did some sort of good.

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